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I support the planning, design and execution of strategic user experiences that deliver and exceed the expectations organisations place upon the investment committed to understand what user want, need and do.

Having worked both client and agency side for media and publishing organisations I’ve the awareness to foresee and resolve challenges and conflict before they become problematic and costly. This duel background provides an acute awareness of the craft required to architect experiences that have the potential of exceeding the expectations of both the business and importantly the user.

What I offer is the expertise to ensure that both user experience and software engineering life cycles are constantly aware of each others position therefore avoiding the unintentional impact one can assert upon the other.

My expertise has developed over the past decade having proven influential as part of and whilst leading teams focused on the design and development of commercially driven, high traffic award winning solutions. These successes have been for the likes of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Alliance Trust, Mail Online, English Heritage and Oxford University Press. For these and all organisations I’ve worked with my primary motivation is to continuously deliver quality, simplicity and maintainability.

From a user experience perspective the resulting solutions are accessible to all, highly optimised for both performance and indexing by search engines whilst maintaining high levels of design integrity that allow business objectives to be met across multiple touch points and devices.

To align with software engineering practices my high level of front-end code literacy combined with an understanding of server-side technologies ensures that prototypes and deliverables meet interaction design definitions ensuring that the subtleties of the experience are defined and importantly delivered.

I’m looking to be challenged by exciting and complex problems. Being well versed in discovery, workshop and communication techniques I’ve the ability to ensure that detailed concepts are understood by all involved whilst the often challenging questions raised by complex problems are answered early in the engagement to ensure exceptional results.

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I'm Adam Fellowes, I spend my time building trust, inspiring loyalty and improving digital services that customers want to use time and again, find out how...

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